200 Archer Khajiit Names (with Meanings)

By Daniel Cook

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Archer Khajiit Names

Are you looking for the perfect name for your skilled and quick Khajiit archer?

You’re in the right place!

I’ve made a list of “200 Archer Khajiit Names (With Meanings)” to help you find a name that captures the sharpness and grace of your character. Whether you’re starting a new adventure in Elder Scrolls or writing your own story, this list has what you need.

Each name is picked to show the precision and agility of Khajiit archers. From expert marksmen to swift hunters, these names come with meanings that make your character even more interesting.

Ready to find a name that really hits the mark?

Archer Male Khajiit Names With Their Meanings

1J’zargo Swift Arrow 
2Ri’shar Stealthy Hunter 
3M’aiq Keen Sight 
4Dro’baro Silent Bow 
5Kharjo True Aim 
6S’zar Wind Walker 
7Zan’rashi Shadow Stalker 
8Ma’randru-jo Night’s Edge 
9Ra’zirr Moonlit Arrow 
10Dar’ziim Forest Ghost 
11Ja’kashi Eagle Eye 
12Do’vashi Silent Step 
13J’zargo Quick Strike 
14Qar’ziir Hunter’s Grace 
15Sa’jirra Bow Master 
16Ri’vahri Night Hunter 
17Ko’ziir Whisper Wind 
18Ba’dargo Stalker’s Silence 
19Za’nari Silent Death 
20Ri’darro Forest Shadow 
21Ma’zirr Quick Arrow 
22Sar’jo Sharp Shooter 
23Do’rasha Night Archer 
24J’zari Wind’s Edge 
25Ra’zirgo Hidden Arrow 
26S’varni Silent Wind 
27Ko’rashi Swift Stalker 
28Dro’khan Forest Walker 
29Zar’jo Keen Tracker 
30Sa’vash Moonlight Archer 
31Ri’vash Silent Arrow 
32Do’jari Shadow’s Edge 
33Ba’shar Quick Shadow 
34Ra’jaro Night Stalker 
35Ko’jaro Hidden Hunter 
36Sar’daro Silent Strike 
37Ri’khar Quick Sight 
38Ja’zirgo Stealthy Shadow 
39Dro’ziir Forest’s Grace 
40Ma’jaro Silent Tracker 
41S’kashi Sharp Wind 
42Ri’kashi Hidden Shooter 
43Zar’khan Silent Walker 
44Do’vash Moonlight Tracker 
45Ja’zirr Swift Shadow 
46Ko’zirgo Silent Grace 
47Ra’kashi Stealth Archer 
48Sa’jirro Hidden Walker 
49Ri’zirr Swift Tracker 
50Dro’jaro Silent Stalker 
51Zan’zirgo Quick Arrow 
52Ko’rashi Night Wind 
53Ra’zirgo Silent Shadow 
54S’varash Swift Shooter 
55Ba’jirro Hidden Tracker 
56Sar’ziir Silent Bow 
57Ja’khan Stealth Walker 
58Ri’khan Quick Hunter 
59Dro’zirr Swift Arrow 
60Ma’kashi Silent Wind 
61Zan’jaro Night Stalker 
62Ko’zirr Stealth Hunter 
63Ra’vash Hidden Wind 
64Sar’kashi Quick Strike 
65Ri’zirgo Silent Shadow 
66Dro’jari Swift Grace 
67Zar’kashi Hidden Walker 
68Ma’ziir Moonlight Tracker 
69Ja’zirgo Silent Shooter 
70Ko’jaro Stealth Strike 
71Ra’jirro Hidden Bow 
72S’khan Quick Tracker 
73Ri’kashi Swift Stalker 
74Dro’ziir Night Arrow 
75Sar’jirro Silent Wind 
76Ja’khan Hidden Grace 
77Zan’zirgo Swift Bow 
78Ko’zirr Quick Shadow 
79Ra’ziir Stealth Walker 
80Sar’jaro Silent Tracker 
81Ri’vash Moonlight Strike 
82Dro’jaro Silent Shadow 
83Ma’zirr Quick Walker 
84Ja’zirr Stealthy Wind 
85Ko’kashi Silent Strike 
86Ra’ziir Hidden Arrow 
87S’vash Night Tracker 
88Ri’khan Silent Shooter 
89Dro’zirr Hidden Strike 
90Sar’jaro Swift Bow 
91Ja’ziir Stealthy Hunter 
92Ko’jirro Swift Grace 
93Ra’vash Silent Tracker 
94Sar’khan Moonlight Strike
95Ri’jaro Swift Arrow 
96Dro’zirgo Stealthy Hunter 
97Ma’khan Keen Sight 
98Ja’jirro Silent Bow 
99Ko’ziir True Aim 
100Ra’zirgoWind Walker 

Archer Female Khajiit Names With Their Meanings

1Ahdri Hunter’s Moon 
2Akira Swift Arrow 
3Amara Steady Aim 
4Anari Silent Tracker 
5Azira Night’s Arrow 
6Baari Swift Wind 
7Basha Fierce Bow 
8Birdi Feathered Arrow 
9Cara Shadow Step 
10Casha Quick Shot 
11Dahri Silver Arrow 
12Dari Moonlit Path 
13Dashi Swift Hunter 
14Eldra Hidden Arrow 
15Elira Keen Eye 
16Emara Swift Arrow 
17Eshara Silent Wind 
18Fahri Shadow Arrow 
19Fasha Night Prowler 
20Fira Silent Arrow 
21Gahri Quick Shadow 
22Gara Swift Huntress 
23Gasha Silent Step 
24Hahri Moon’s Edge 
25Hara Stealth Archer 
26Hasa Night’s Wind 
27Imara Feathered Wind 
28Ishari Silent Huntress 
29Jahri Swift Arrow 
30Jara Moon’s Arrow 
31Jashi Silent Tracker 
32Kahri Quick Prowler 
33Kara Silent Arrow 
34Kasha Night’s Shadow 
35Lahri Swift Wind 
36Lara Stealth Archer 
37Lashi Silent Step 
38Mara Moonlit Arrow 
39Mashira Swift Hunter 
40Nahri Silent Wind 
41Nara Shadow Step 
42Nasha Shadow Arrow 
43Orah Swift Wind 
44Pahri Silent Tracker 
45Pasha Moonlit Path 
46Qahri Silent Hunter 
47Qara Shadow Step 
48Qasha Swift Wind 
49Rahri Silent Arrow 
50Rasha Night’s Edge 
51Sahri Stealth Archer 
52Sara Quick Shadow 
53Sasha Silent Step 
54Tahri Moon’s Arrow 
55Tara Night’s Tracker 
56Tasha Swift Hunter 
57Urah Silent Wind 
58Vahri Shadow Step 
59Vara Stealth Huntress 
60Vasha Moonlit Path 
61Wahri Silent Arrow 
62Wara Night’s Edge 
63Yahri Swift Huntress 
64Yara Silent Tracker 
65Yasha Moon’s Arrow 
66Zahri Quick Prowler 
67Zara Silent Shadow 
68Zasha Moon’s Edge 
69Abasha Silent Step 
70Adara Swift Wind 
71Ahsha Silent Arrow 
72Alara Night’s Tracker 
73Amasha Swift Hunter 
74Arisha Silent Wind 
75Ashira Shadow Step 
76Atasha Stealth Huntress 
77Avasha Moonlit Path 
78Azara Silent Arrow 
79Bashara Night’s Edge 
80Dahara Swift Huntress 
81Dashira Silent Tracker 
82Eshara Moon’s Arrow 
83Farisha Quick Prowler 
84Galara Silent Shadow 
85Hashara Moon’s Edge 
86Ishara Silent Step 
87Jashara Dawn Archer 
88Kashara Night’s Arrow 
89Lashara Quick Shadow 
90Mashara Silent Tracker 
91Nashara Moonlit Arrow 
92Oshara Stealth Wind 
93Pashara Swift Hunter 
94Qashara Silent Path 
95Rashara Moon’s Edge 
96Sashara Silent Step 
97Tashara Shadow Wind 
98Vashara Silent Arrow 
99Yashara Quick Prowler 
100Zashara Night’s Hunter 

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