200 Funny Khajiit Names (with Meanings)

By Daniel Cook

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Funny Khajiit Names

Are you looking to add some laughs to your Khajiit character in Elder Scrolls or any other fantasy game? Well, you’re in for a treat!

I’ve gathered a list of “200 Funny Khajiit Names (With Meanings)” just for you. Whether you want to bring some fun to your gaming or storytelling, these names are bound to make you grin.

Each name on the list is chosen to be funny while still showing off the playful side of Khajiit characters. From clever jokes to silly puns, each name comes with a meaning that adds to the fun.

Ready to give your Khajiit a name that will make everyone giggle? Click the link below to check out the full list and add some humor to your adventures!

Funny Khajiit Names With Their Meanings

2M’aiq the LiarMaster of Misdirection
3Dro’marashSwift Hunter
4RajhinTrickster God
6MoonsugarSweet as Moonlight
7Thra’akClaw of Chaos
8PurrbeardBearded Purr
9ClawdiusClawed Warrior
10KharjoSwift Wind
11Jo’ZaaraMischief Maker
12SenchalCity of Secrets
13BinxFeline Trickster
14K’haroMoonlit Shadow
15Ta’agraTongue of the Khajiit
16SkoomaMoon-Sugar Elixir
17MeownirGuardian of Yarn
18SnickersneeStealthy Pouncer
19Razum-darRazor of the Sea
20MoonshadowCloaked in Night
21ClawdiaMighty Hunter
22WhiskerfaceFace of Many Whiskers
23M’zaiqCunning Trickster
24KhajahdSneaky Stealth
25WhiskerwickWicker of Whiskers
26S’kittyFeline Friend
27MoonslicerSharp as Moonlight
28WhiskerwagWagging Whiskers
30JodeBig Moon
31SugarclawSweet and Sharp
32Ka’harjaNight Warrior
33S’pawsPaws of Steel
34FurballFuzzy Fighter
35ClawsomeAwesome Claws
36J’banjoBanjo Player
37FurringtonTown of Furs
38WhiskerwhirlWhirlwind Whiskers
39M’auzinSinister Meower
40J’acatAcrobatic Cat
41S’pouncePouncing Panther
42PawdiniMagical Paw
43SkittlesColorful Trickster
44WhiskerwellWell of Whiskers
45FurrlockSherlock Furr
47MeowingtonLord of the Meows
48PurrlockPurring Detective
49SkitterpawSkittering Paws
50WhiskerwindWind of Whiskers
51J’scratchScratcher Extraordinaire
52KhajiitOne Who Carries Secrets
53MeowrakWarrior of Meows
54TailspinSpinster of Tails
55FuzzbenderMaster of Fuzz
56WhiskerwarriorWarrior of Whiskers
57S’clawsClaws of Steel
58PawsperProsperous Paws
59J’knightKnight of the Khajiit
60S’purrPurring Master
61WhiskerwiseWise Whiskers
62MeowsterMaster of Meows
63KhajiitFeline Warrior
64WhiskerwhiskWhisker Whisperer
65J’dazzleDazzling Dancer
66SnugglepawsPaws of Affection
67S’kittykatKitty Cat
68WhiskerwiggleWiggly Whiskers
69J’fluffFluffy One
70MeowingtonsNoble Meower
71WhiskerweaveWeaver of Whiskers
72PawsperoPaws of Prosperity
73J’clawClawed One
74FurrariSpeedy Feline
75WhiskerwhipWhip of Whiskers
76J’fizzFizzing Feline
77SnugglewhiskersWhiskers of Snuggles
78MeowrakelRaconteur of Meows
79WhiskerwigWig of Whiskers
80J’kittyKitty Cat
81S’pawprintPaw Print
82MeowmeisterMaster of Meows
83WhiskerwanderWandering Whiskers
84PurringtonTown of Purrs
85WhiskerwhirlwindWhirling Whiskers
86J’fluffyFluffy Feline
87SnugglewhisperWhisper of Snuggles
88MeowbaccaWookiee Meower
89WhiskerwizardWizard of Whiskers
90J’clawsomeAwesome Claws
91Purrlock HolmesDetective of Purring
92WhiskerwaddleWaddling Whiskers
93S’cuddleCuddly One
94MeowtasticFantastic Meows
95WhiskerwonderWonder of Whiskers
96J’pouncePouncing Master
97S’furballFuzzy Ball
98PurrmeisterMaster of Purrs
99WhiskerwarlockWarlock of Whiskers
100J’furballFurry Fighter
101MeowzillaKing of Meows
102WhiskerwoofWoofing Whiskers
104J’felineFeline Friend
105SnugglewhiskerWhisker of Snuggles
106MeowracleMiracle Meower
107WhiskerwhipperWhipping Whiskers
108J’purrfectPerfect Purr
109S’furrociousFurrocious One
110PurrinatorTerminator of Purrs
111WhiskerwhizWhiz of Whiskers
112J’purrsonalityPurrsonality Plus
113S’purrsistencePersistent Purrer
114MeowgicianMagician of Meows
115WhiskerwaggleWaggling Whiskers
116J’whiskerWhiskered One
117S’clawverClever Claw
118PurrfessorProfessor of Purrs
119WhiskerwhackerWhacking Whiskers
121S’purrfectionPurrfect One
122MeowticianPhysician of Meows
123WhiskerwranglerWrangler of Whiskers
124J’furrociousFurrocious Fighter
125S’purrkSparkling Purr
126PurrvaderInvader of Purrs
127WhiskerwhammyWhamming Whiskers
128J’clawsomeClawsome One
129S’purrkleSparkling Purr
130MeowloFeline Fellow
131WhiskerwrenchWrenching Whiskers
132J’pawsomePawsome One
133S’purrrplePurple Purr
134PurrsonaPersona of Purrs
135WhiskerwhistleWhistling Whiskers
137S’purrkySpur of Purr
138MeowtropolitanMetropolitan Meower
139WhiskerwatcherWatcher of Whiskers
140J’paw-sitivelyPawsitive Purr
141S’purrsistentPersistent Purrer
142PurrfectionistPerfectionist of Purrs
143WhiskerwielderWielder of Whiskers
144J’pawsPawsome Purr
145S’purrlightPurr of Light
146MeowgicianMagician of Meows
147WhiskerwarriorWarrior of Whiskers
148J’purrceptionPurrception Plus
149S’purrkleSparkling Purr
150PurrplexPerplexed Purr
151WhiskerwhizWhiz of Whiskers
152J’purr-sistencePersistent Purr
153S’purrkleSparkling Purr
154MeowstermindMastermind of Meows
155WhiskerwielderWielder of Whiskers
156J’pawsomePawsome Purr
157S’purrlightPurr of Light
158MeowgicianMagician of Meows
159WhiskerwarriorWarrior of Whiskers
160J’purrceptionPurrception Plus
162WhiskerwhizWhiz of Whiskers
163J’purr-sistencePersistent Purr
164S’purrkleSparkling Purr
165MeowstermindMastermind of Meows
166WhiskerwielderWielder of Whiskers
167J’pawsomePawsome Purr
168S’purrlightPurr of Light
169MeowgicianMagician of Meows
170WhiskerwarriorWarrior of Whiskers
171J’purrceptionPurrception Plus
172S’purrkleSparkling Purr
173PurrplexPerplexed Purr
174WhiskerwhizWhiz of Whiskers
175J’purr-sistencePersistent Purr
176S’purrkleSparkling Purr
177MeowstermindMastermind of Meows
178WhiskerwielderWielder of Whiskers
179J’pawsomePawsome Purr
180S’purrlightPurr of Light
181MeowgicianMagician of Meows
182WhiskerwarriorWarrior of Whiskers
183J’purrceptionPurrception Plus
184S’purrkleSparkling Purr
185WhiskerwhizWhiz of Whiskers
186J’purr-sistencePersistent Purr
187S’purrkleSparkling Purr
188MeowstermindMastermind of Meows
189WhiskerwielderWielder of Whiskers
190J’pawsomePawsome Purr
191S’purrlightPurr of Light
192MeowgicianMagician of Meows
193WhiskerwarriorWarrior of Whiskers
194J’purrceptionPurrception Plus
195S’purrkleSparkling Purr
196PurrplexPerplexed Purr
197WhiskerwhizWhiz of Whiskers
198J’purr-sistencePersistent Purr
199S’purrkleSparkling Purr
200MeowstermindMastermind of Meows

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