200 Female Khajiit Names (With Meanings)

By Daniel Cook

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Are you searching for the perfect name for your female Khajiit character? You’re in the right place! I’ve put together a list of 200 female Khajiit names, each with its own unique meaning.

Whether you’re exploring Elsweyr or embarking on epic quests in Tamriel, having the right name for your Khajiit is important.

So, let’s dive into these beautiful names together! Don’t forget to share your favorites and help other players find their perfect Khajiit name too. Ready to find the best name for your Khajiit? Let’s get started!

Female Khajiit Names With Their Meanings

1AhnashaBright Moon
2AnaraNight Star
3AzaraBlue Flame
4BaashaMorning Breeze
5BhinzaHidden Flower
6DaroziShadow Walker
7DiharaSilent Hunter
8DraziraFierce Claw
9DrazaStrong Wind
10ElahniGentle Rain
11EshiraSilver Star
12FaazriDesert Rose
13FarashaMoonlit Dancer
14FihiraSwift Arrow
15GahriGolden Glow
16GhazaSilent Whisper
17HahnaBright Light
18HaashaMoon’s Blessing
19IhzaraDesert Wind
20InaraNight’s End
21IzashaStar’s Embrace
22JadaraProud Hunter
23JahzriFierce Protector
24JasharaDesert Beauty
25KahanaDawn’s Light
26KazariGentle Breeze
27KhaziraHidden Treasure
28LahariSilent Moon
29LaziraStarry Night
30MahanriMoonlit Path
31MalizaRadiant Dawn
32MaziraBright Star
33NaharaNight’s Whisper
34NaziraMoonlit Flower
35OmazriGolden Sands
36OnahzaSilver Breeze
37PazariSilent Shadow
38RahziHidden Gem
39RajahnaNight’s Guardian
40RazharaStar’s Light
41SahzriGentle Stream
42SarahaMoon’s Light
43ShazaraSilver Wind
44TahiriDesert Night
45TazriBright Flame
46ThaziraMoon’s Blessing
47UlahniGolden Light
48UnaraSilent Path
49VahzriHidden Flame
50VarishaRadiant Moon
51YaziraGentle Flame
52ZahriMoonlit Star
53ZarashaSilent Rain
54AhriraFierce Protector
55AlzariRadiant Star
56AmaraGentle Spirit
57AnzaraNight’s Glow
58AzharaBright Jewel
59BahriHidden Light
60BalzaraMoonlit Spirit
61BarashiSilver Flame
62BaziraStar’s Whisper
63DahriaSilent Guardian
64DalzaraMoon’s Embrace
65DarashaGentle Star
66FarahiBright Protector
67FihzaraStar’s Blessing
68FinaraMoon’s Gift
69GahzaraRadiant Light
70GaziraSilent Jewel
71HahzriMoonlit Breeze
72HaziraGentle Whisper
73IharaSilent Star
74IzariBright Spirit
75JaharaMoon’s Guardian
76JaziraRadiant Flower
77KahlaraSilent Protector
78KarashiMoon’s Glow
79KazhiraBright Star
80LahzaraGentle Breeze
81LazhariStar’s Light
82MalzaraRadiant Spirit
83MazhiraMoon’s Whisper
84NahzaraBright Jewel
85NazhiraGentle Flame
86OhzaraMoonlit Path
87OmaraStar’s Guardian
88PazharaSilent Flame
89RahariGentle Spirit
90RajhiraMoon’s Light
91RazhiraStar’s Blessing
92SaharaRadiant Protector
93SahzaraMoon’s Gift
94SarahiBright Whisper
95ShahzriSilent Jewel
96ShaziraStar’s Embrace
97TahzaraRadiant Flame
98TazhariMoon’s Guardian
99TharaGentle Breeze
100ThazariSilent Light
101UlahiraBright Protector
102UnzaraStar’s Whisper
103VahzaraMoonlit Jewel
104VarahiSilent Spirit
105YasharaStar’s Light
106YazharaBright Guardian
107ZahriaGentle Star
108ZahzaraMoon’s Embrace
109ZarahiRadiant Jewel
110AhlaraSilent Moon
111AlhiraMoonlit Spirit
112AmzaraBright Star
113AnaraStar’s Glow
114AzhiraMoon’s Protector
115BahriaRadiant Guardian
116BalharaSilent Whisper
117BarzaraMoonlit Path
118BazhiraStar’s Embrace
119DahriraBright Spirit
120DalharaSilent Flame
121DarzaraRadiant Star
122FarhiraMoon’s Gift
123FizaraGentle Breeze
124FinharaStar’s Whisper
125GahlaraSilent Guardian
126GazhiriMoonlit Jewel
127HahriaRadiant Light
128HanzaraStar’s Glow
129IhzariMoon’s Embrace
130IzhiraBright Whisper
131JahriSilent Spirit
132JazharaMoon’s Blessing
133KahzariRadiant Jewel
134KarazhiGentle Flame
135KazharaStar’s Guardian
136LahiriSilent Light
137LazharaMoonlit Star
138MalharaBright Spirit
139MazharaStar’s Glow
140NahiriSilent Guardian
141NazharaMoon’s Gift
142OhzariRadiant Whisper
143OnzaraStar’s Embrace
144PazhiraBright Protector
145RahzariMoon’s Light
146RajharaSilent Flame
147RazharaStar’s Blessing
148SahariRadiant Guardian
149SarzaraMoonlit Jewel
150ShaharaSilent Spirit
151ShanzaraStar’s Glow
152TahiriMoon’s Embrace
153TaziraBright Star
154ThazhiraSilent Whisper
155UlahariRadiant Light
156UnzariStar’s Guardian
157VahiriMoonlit Jewel
158VarazhiGentle Spirit
159YazhiraBright Flame
160ZahzriStar’s Blessing
161ZarzaraMoon’s Protector
162AhzaraRadiant Whisper
163AlzaraStar’s Embrace
164AmharaGentle Light
165AnziriMoon’s Glow
166AzaraBright Jewel
167BahiraSilent Guardian
168BalziriRadiant Star
169BarazhiMoon’s Gift
170BazharaStar’s Blessing
171DahzaraSilent Flame
172DalhiraMoonlit Spirit
173DarazhiBright Star
174FarharaRadiant Jewel
175FizaraMoon’s Protector
176FinzaraSilent Light
177GahiraStar’s Embrace
178GazhiraRadiant Whisper
179HahlaraBright Flame
180HazaraMoon’s Blessing
181IhziriSilent Spirit
182IzaharaStar’s Light
183JahzaraRadiant Jewel
184JazhariMoon’s Glow
185KahzaraBright Whisper
186KaraziraSilent Guardian
187KazharaStar’s Blessing
188LahzariRadiant Flame
189LazharaMoonlit Jewel
190MalharaSilent Light
191MazhariStar’s Embrace
192NahzaraRadiant Jewel
193NazharaMoon’s Protector
194OhzaraBright Spirit
195OnzariStar’s Blessing
196PazharaSilent Whisper
197RahziriRadiant Guardian
198RajharaMoonlit Jewel
199RazharaBright Flame
200SahzariStar’s Light

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