200 Popular Khajiit Names (with Meanings)

By Daniel Cook

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Popular Khajiit Names

Looking for a name that’s both popular and has meaning for your Khajiit character? You’re in the right place!

I’ve gathered “200 Popular Khajiit Names (With Meanings)” just for you. Whether you’re playing Elder Scrolls or creating your own fantasy world, finding the right name is super important for getting into the story.

Each name in our list is carefully chosen to reflect the well-loved and iconic style of Khajiit names. From brave warriors to clever tricksters, every name comes with its own special meaning, making your character even more interesting.

Ready to find the perfect name for your Khajiit character? Click the link below to check out the full list and give your character a name they’ll love!

Popular Khajiit Names With Their Meanings

2RajhinThe Thief God
5Daro’VashtDark Eyes
6Dro’ZiraQuiet Paws
7S’virrGolden Tail
8Zha’irSwift Wind
10Quin’rawlShadow Hunter
11AhjisiMoon Shadow
13Dro’marashSilent Defender
16Dro’gharaSteel Claw
17Ja’zharNight Blade
19Do’zarSilent Strike
20Ra’zhindaSun Singer
22S’jirraStar Seeker
23M’zulftSwift Feet
24Dro’ahziSteel Heart
25Kha’jirThe Hidden
26Zha’qurQuick Claw
27Ri’shirrStar Born
28Dro’marIron Hand
30S’vaneSilver Fang
31Quin’harShadow Step
32Ri’jiraStar Blade
33Daro’darDark Blade
34S’karraSwift Hunter
35Ja’zarNight Walker
36Ma’drashBlessed Defender
37Dro’xiraQuiet Shadow
38Zha’irriSwift Runner
39S’virriGolden Voice
40Ri’saadriMerciful Heart
41Quin’rawliShadow Dancer
42Ahjisi’raMoon Whisperer
43Ta’agriTiger Claw
44Dro’marashiSilent Sentinel
45Ma’draniBlessed Soul
46S’zirriAgile Hunter
47Dro’ghariSteel Sentinel
48Ja’zharriNight Shadow
49S’raffariGraceful Dancer
50Do’zarriSilent Stalker
51Ra’zhindiSun Weaver
52Ri’zakariClever Mind
53S’jirrariStar Gazer
54M’zulftriSwift Runner
55Dro’ahziriSteel Defender
56Kha’jiriThe Stealthy
57Zha’qurriQuick Strike
58Ri’shirriStar Seeker
59Dro’marriIron Soul
60Ma’rashiFierce Spirit
61S’vanetriSilver Whisperer
62Quin’hariShadow Whisperer
63Ri’jirariStar Whisperer
64Daro’dariDark Whisperer
65S’karriSwift Whisperer
66Ja’zarriNight Whisperer
67Ma’drashriBlessed Whisperer
68Dro’xirriQuiet Whisperer
69Zha’irrariSwift Whisperer
70S’virrariGolden Whisperer
71Ri’saadriMerciful Whisperer
72Quin’rawlriShadow Whisperer
73Ahjisi’rariMoon Whisperer
74Ta’agrariTiger Whisperer
75Dro’marashriSilent Whisperer
76Ma’draniBlessed Whisperer
77S’zirrariAgile Whisperer
78Dro’gharriSteel Whisperer
79Ja’zharriNight Whisperer
80S’raffariGraceful Whisperer
81Do’zarriSilent Whisperer
82Ra’zhindariSun Whisperer
83Ri’zakarriClever Whisperer
84S’jirrariStar Whisperer
85M’zulftrariSwift Whisperer
86Dro’ahzirriSteel Whisperer
87Kha’jirriThe Silent Whisperer
88Zha’qurriQuick Whisperer
89Ri’shirrariStar Whisperer
90Dro’marriIron Whisperer
91Ma’rashriFierce Whisperer
92S’vanerriSilver Whisperer
93Quin’harriShadow Whisperer
94Ri’jirrariStar Whisperer
95Daro’darriDark Whisperer
96S’karrariSwift Whisperer
97Ja’zarriNight Whisperer
98Ma’drashriBlessed Whisperer
99Dro’xirriQuiet Whisperer
100Zha’irrariSwift Whisperer
101S’virrariGolden Whisperer
102Ri’saadriMerciful Whisperer
103Quin’rawlriShadow Whisperer
104Ahjisi’rariMoon Whisperer
105Ta’agrariTiger Whisperer
106Dro’marashriSilent Whisperer
107Ma’draniBlessed Whisperer
108S’zirrariAgile Whisperer
109Dro’gharriSteel Whisperer
110Ja’zharriNight Whisperer
111S’raffariGraceful Whisperer
112Do’zarriSilent Whisperer
113Ra’zhindariSun Whisperer
114Ri’zakarriClever Whisperer
115S’jirrariStar Whisperer
116M’zulftrariSwift Whisperer
117Dro’ahzirriSteel Whisperer
118Kha’jirriThe Silent Whisperer
119Zha’qurriQuick Whisperer
120Ri’shirrariStar Whisperer
121Dro’marriIron Whisperer
122Ma’rashriFierce Whisperer
123S’vanerriSilver Whisperer
124Quin’harriShadow Whisperer
125Ri’jirrariStar Whisperer
126Daro’darriDark Whisperer
127S’karrariSwift Whisperer
128Ja’zarriNight Whisperer
129Ma’drashriBlessed Whisperer
130Dro’xirriQuiet Whisperer
131Zha’irrariSwift Whisperer
132S’virrariGolden Whisperer
133Ri’saadriMerciful Whisperer
134Quin’rawlriShadow Whisperer
135Ahjisi’rariMoon Whisperer
136Ta’agrariTiger Whisperer
137Dro’marashriSilent Whisperer
138Ma’draniBlessed Whisperer
139S’zirrariAgile Whisperer
140Dro’gharriSteel Whisperer
141Ja’zharriNight Whisperer
142S’raffariGraceful Whisperer
143Do’zarriSilent Whisperer
144Ra’zhindariSun Whisperer
145Ri’zakarriClever Whisperer
146S’jirrariStar Whisperer
147M’zulftrariSwift Whisperer
148Dro’ahzirriSteel Whisperer
149Kha’jirriThe Silent Whisperer
150Zha’qurriQuick Whisperer
151Ri’shirrariStar Whisperer
152Dro’marriIron Whisperer
153Ma’rashriFierce Whisperer
154S’vanerriSilver Whisperer
155Quin’harriShadow Whisperer
156Ri’jirrariStar Whisperer
157Daro’darriDark Whisperer
158S’karrariSwift Whisperer
159Ja’zarriNight Whisperer
160Ma’drashriBlessed Whisperer
161Dro’xirriQuiet Whisperer
162Zha’irrariSwift Whisperer
163S’virrariGolden Whisperer
164Ri’saadriMerciful Whisperer
165Quin’rawlriShadow Whisperer
166Ahjisi’rariMoon Whisperer
167Ta’agrariTiger Whisperer
168Dro’marashriSilent Whisperer
169Ma’draniBlessed Whisperer
170S’zirrariAgile Whisperer
171Dro’gharriSteel Whisperer
172Ja’zharriNight Whisperer
173S’raffariGraceful Whisperer
174Do’zarriSilent Whisperer
175Ra’zhindariSun Whisperer
176Ri’zakarriClever Whisperer
177S’jirrariStar Whisperer
178M’zulftrariSwift Whisperer
179Dro’ahzirriSteel Whisperer
180Kha’jirriThe Silent Whisperer
181Zha’qurriQuick Whisperer
182Ri’shirrariStar Whisperer
183Dro’marriIron Whisperer
184Ma’rashriFierce Whisperer
185S’vanerriSilver Whisperer
186Quin’harriShadow Whisperer
187Ri’jirrariStar Whisperer
188Daro’darriDark Whisperer
189S’karrariSwift Whisperer
190Ja’zarriNight Whisperer
191Ma’drashriBlessed Whisperer
192Dro’xirriQuiet Whisperer
193Zha’irrariSwift Whisperer
194S’virrariGolden Whisperer
195Ri’saadriMerciful Whisperer
196Quin’rawlriShadow Whisperer
197Ahjisi’rariMoon Whisperer
198Ta’agrariTiger Whisperer
199Dro’marashriSilent Whisperer
200Ma’draniBlessed Whisperer

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