182 Male Khajiit Names (With Meanings)

By Daniel Cook

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Male Khajiit Names

Looking for the perfect name for your male Khajiit character? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve compiled a list of 200 male Khajiit names, each with its own unique meaning.

Whether you’re exploring the sands of Elsweyr or embarking on epic quests across Tamriel, having the right name for your Khajiit is crucial.

So, let’s dive into these fantastic names together! Don’t forget to share your favorites and help other players find their perfect Khajiit name too.

Ready to discover the best name for your Khajiit? Let’s get started!

Male Khajiit Names With Their Meanings

1AkarajStrong Hunter
2BaadargoFierce Warrior
3ChedoSwift Shadow
4Daro’zirBrave Leader
5EshadarWise Sage
6FaradoFierce Fighter
7GahranSilent Stalker
8Hado’rahSilver Claw
9InigroFire Spirit
10Jaro’virGolden Fang
11Kha’darIron Paw
12Laro’jahNoble Protector
13Ma’zirQuick Blade
14NaridoProud Hunter
15Oro’zarDark Moon
16Pado’jinSwift Breeze
17Qaro’darFierce Protector
18Rasha’darSilent Hunter
19Sado’jarWise Traveler
20Tado’virStrong Heart
21Ura’darSwift Runner
22Varo’darFierce Defender
23Wado’zirBold Adventurer
24XarajDark Spirit
25Yara’darGolden Mane
26Zaro’virSilent Watcher
27AlkarinBrave Spirit
28Bado’zirSwift Tracker
29CaranSilent Wind
30Dar’zirBold Leader
31EradoFierce Blade
32Fara’zirQuick Shadow
33Garo’virWise Protector
34Hada’jarStrong Defender
35InaroSilent Flame
36Jado’virGolden Hunter
37Karo’darFierce Fighter
38Lado’jarSwift Protector
39Ma’jhinWise Sage
40Nara’zirDark Hunter
41Oro’virBrave Protector
42Pado’zirFierce Breeze
43Qara’darSilent Runner
44Rado’virStrong Spirit
45Saro’jarBold Sage
46Taro’darSwift Defender
47Udo’zirDark Tracker
48Varo’zirFierce Leader
49Wado’virSilent Breeze
50XaradoBrave Flame
51Yado’zirGolden Shadow
52Zaro’darWise Leader
53Akira’zirSwift Warrior
54Bada’virFierce Protector
55Chara’zirSilent Sage
56Dar’adoBold Fighter
57Esha’darWise Wind
58FarinFierce Heart
59Gado’zirBrave Tracker
60Hara’virSwift Flame
61InadoSilent Blade
62Jara’darGolden Hunter
63Kado’jarWise Fighter
64Lado’zirStrong Leader
65Ma’doQuick Tracker
66Nara’virDark Flame
67Oro’zarFierce Protector
68Pado’darSwift Hunter
69Qara’zirSilent Defender
70Rado’jarBold Protector
71Saro’zirWise Leader
72Taro’virStrong Hunter
73Ura’zirFierce Spirit
74Vado’jarSilent Sage
75Wara’zirSwift Flame
76XaradoDark Shadow
77Yado’jarGolden Wind
78Zaro’zirBold Leader
79Alara’darFierce Warrior
80Bado’virSwift Protector
81CharanSilent Heart
82DaradoBrave Flame
83Esha’zirWise Hunter
84FarinFierce Blade
85Garo’zirSilent Protector
86Hara’darSwift Defender
87InaraStrong Wind
88Jara’virBold Hunter
89Kado’zirFierce Flame
90Laro’darSilent Tracker
91Ma’zirWise Wind
92Naro’virSwift Flame
93Oro’zirDark Hunter
94Pado’virFierce Protector
95Qaro’darSilent Flame
96Rado’zirSwift Defender
97Saro’darWise Spirit
98Taro’jarBold Protector
99Ura’virSilent Flame
100Vado’zirSwift Leader
101Wara’darFierce Hunter
102Xara’virBrave Protector
103Yado’zirSilent Blade
104Zaro’darWise Leader
105Akira’darSwift Hunter
106Bada’zirFierce Protector
107Chara’darSilent Tracker
108Dar’virBold Fighter
109Esha’virWise Leader
110FarinFierce Spirit
111Gado’virSilent Flame
112Hara’zirSwift Protector
113InadoStrong Leader
114Jara’zirGolden Flame
115Kado’darFierce Tracker
116Lado’virSilent Hunter
117Ma’darWise Protector
118Nara’zirSwift Wind
119Oro’darDark Leader
120Pado’virFierce Defender
121Qara’darSilent Tracker
122Rado’virSwift Leader
123Saro’zirBold Protector
124Taro’darFierce Flame
125Ura’jarSilent Wind
126Vado’virSwift Protector
127Wara’zirBrave Tracker
128Xara’darFierce Blade
129Yado’virGolden Protector
130Zaro’zirWise Hunter
131Alara’zirSilent Flame
132Bado’darFierce Protector
133CharanSwift Tracker
134DaradoBold Leader
135Esha’zirWise Hunter
136FarinFierce Blade
137Garo’virSilent Protector
138Hara’darSwift Leader
139InaraStrong Hunter
140Jara’zirBold Protector
141Kado’virFierce Flame
142Laro’zirSilent Hunter
143Ma’zirWise Protector
144Naro’darSwift Leader
145Oro’virDark Hunter
146Pado’zirFierce Protector
147Qaro’darSilent Leader
148Rado’zirSwift Flame
149Saro’darBold Hunter
150Taro’virFierce Protector
151Ura’darSilent Leader
152Vado’zirSwift Flame
153Wara’darFierce Hunter
154Xara’zirBrave Protector
155Yado’jarSilent Flame
156Zaro’darWise Hunter
157Akira’zirSwift Protector
158Bada’virFierce Leader
159Chara’virSilent Hunter
160Dar’adoBold Protector
161Esha’zirWise Flame
162FarinFierce Hunter
163Gado’virSilent Flame
164Hara’darSwift Protector
165InadoStrong Leader
166Jara’zirGolden Hunter
167Kado’darFierce Protector
168Lado’virSilent Hunter
169Ma’darWise Protector
170Nara’zirSwift Flame
171Oro’darDark Hunter
172Pado’virFierce Protector
173Qara’darSilent Flame
174Rado’zirSwift Hunter
175Saro’darBold Protector
176Taro’virFierce Flame
177Ura’jarSilent Hunter
178Vado’virSwift Protector
179Wara’zirBrave Flame
180Xara’darFierce Protector
181Yado’virGolden Hunter
182Zaro’zirWise Protector

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