200 Cool Khajiit Names (with Meanings)

By Daniel Cook

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Cool Khajiit Names

Are you like me, trying to find a cool name for your Khajiit character?

Well, you’re in luck! I’ve gathered 200 cool Khajiit Names, each with its own special meaning. Whether I’m exploring Elsweyr or going on adventures across Nirn, picking the right name is super important.

So, let’s dive in together and check out these names! Feel free to share your favorites and spread the Khajiit love. Let’s find the purr-fect name for our furry friend! Meow-ve on, and let’s get started!

Cool Male Khajiit Names With Their Meanings

1Akhar Desert warrior 
2Baresh Fierce protector 
3Chazir Swift shadow 
4Daro Brave heart 
5Eshkar Moon guardian 
6Farash Desert flame 
7Gharesh Silent prowler 
8Haziir Stealthy hunter 
9Ithar Swift claw 
10Jazir Night stalker 
11Karash Noble spirit 
12Lashar Silent blade 
13Mazir Moonlit prowler 
14Narash Desert wind 
15Oshar Courageous heart 
16Parash Stealthy shadow 
17Qazir Swift breeze 
18Rashir Fierce hunter 
19Sahir Moon’s whisper 
20Tazir Desert guardian 
21Ushar Silent night 
22Vashar Brave shadow 
23Wazir Swift wind 
24Xarash Noble hunter 
25Yashir Moon’s edge 
26Zashar Stealthy night 
27Ashar Silent flame 
28Bashir Fierce prowler 
29Cazir Desert eagle 
30Dashar Swift spirit 
31Ezar Moonlit shadow 
32Fashir Brave whisper 
33Gashir Silent guardian 
34Hathar Stealthy flame 
35Izar Desert night 
36Jashir Noble breeze 
37Kashir Swift shadow 
38Lazir Moon’s guardian 
39Mashar Fierce heart 
40Nazir Silent spirit 
41Ozhar Desert stalker 
42Pashir Swift claw 
43Qashir Noble wind 
44Razir Moonlit flame 
45Sazir Stealthy breeze 
46Tashir Brave night 
47Uzar Silent hunter 
48Vashir Swift edge 
49Wazar Fierce spirit 
50Xashir Moon’s shadow 
51Yazir Desert whisper 
52Zathar Noble heart 
53Azhar Stealthy guardian 
54Bazar Swift night 
55Cazhar Moonlit hunter 
56Dazir Brave flame 
57Ezhar Silent breeze 
58Fazir Noble whisper 
59Gazhar Fierce shadow 
60Hazir Swift guardian 
61Izhar Desert spirit 
62Jazhar Moon’s breeze 
63Kazhar Silent flame 
64Lashir Stealthy edge 
65Mazhar Brave hunter 
66Nazhar Swift night 
67Ozhar Moonlit shadow 
68Pazir Noble flame 
69Qashar Fierce breeze 
70Razhar Silent night 
71Sazhar Stealthy whisper 
72Tazhar Swift spirit 
73Uzar Desert guardian 
74Vashar Brave wind 
75Wazhar Moon’s edge 
76Xazir Silent flame 
77Yashar Stealthy night 
78Zashir Fierce guardian 
79Ashir Swift breeze 
80Bashar Noble shadow 
81Cazir Desert flame 
82Dazhar Moonlit spirit 
83Eshar Silent wind 
84Fashar Swift night 
85Gashar Brave flame 
86Hashir Fierce breeze 
87Izash Silent guardian 
88Jashar Noble edge 
89Kazir Moon’s whisper 
90Lashar Desert breeze 
91Mazir Stealthy shadow 
92Nazhar Swift spirit 
93Oshar Fierce night 
94Pashar Silent flame 
95Qazhar Brave hunter 
96Razhir Noble guardian 
97Sashir Swift breeze 
98Tashar Fierce shadow 
99Ushar Silent whisper 
100VazirMoonlit flame

Cool Female Khajiit Names With Their Meanings

1Ahnissi  Little Sister
2Baadira  Graceful Dancer
3Caiza  Moonlit Night
4Dar’sabi  Clever Cat
5Eshara  Silent Hunter
6Fa’nara  Swift Breeze
7Ghareshi  Guardian of Shadows
8Hajira  Bright Star
9In’jari  Desert Flower
10J’dassa  Silent Step
11Ka’shira  Moonlight Whisper
12Lha’zara  Dawn’s Embrace
13Maa’zirah  Golden Dawn
14Na’dira  Silent Rain
15Or’shara  Eternal Light
16Pa’shira  Wild Flower
17Qa’nara  Sunset Glow
18Ra’zirra  Fiery Spirit
19Sa’narra  Graceful Leopard
20Ta’jiri  Moon’s Radiance
21Ur’hasha  Stormy Night
22Va’shira  Gentle Breeze
23Wa’jiri  Silver Whisper
24Xa’zirra  Golden Flame
25Ya’mara  Quiet Thunder
26Za’lara  Bright Dawn
27Ash’ni  Silent Hunter
28Ba’razi  Night’s Embrace
29Cha’zirra  Fiery Heart
30Da’nara  Mystic Wind
31El’hara  Sunlit Meadow
32Fa’shara  Swift Shadow
33Ga’zira  Golden Night
34Ha’jiri  Bright Whisper
35In’zira  Moon’s Shadow
36Ja’zirra  Fiery Soul
37Ka’nara  Sunlit Whisper
38Lha’zirra  Dawn’s Radiance
39Ma’jara  Golden Star
40Na’jara  Silent Flame
41Or’nara  Moonlit Breeze
42Pa’jiri  Wild Star
43Qa’zira  Sunset Whisper
44Ra’jiri  Fiery Whisper
45Sa’jara  Graceful Star
46Ta’nara  Moon’s Light
47Ur’nara  Storm’s Whisper
48Va’jara  Gentle Star
49Wa’zira  Silver Shadow
50Xa’nara  Golden Breeze
51Ya’zirra  Quiet Flame
52Za’nara  Bright Whisper
53Ahnara  Little Breeze
54Ba’jara  Night’s Whisper
55Ca’nara  Moonlit Star
56Da’jara  Mystic Flame
57El’jara  Sunlit Star
58Fa’jara  Swift Whisper
59Ga’nara  Golden Whisper
60Ha’jara  Bright Star
61In’jara  Moon’s Whisper
62Ja’jara  Fiery Whisper
63Ka’jara  Sunlit Flame
64Lha’jara  Dawn’s Whisper
65Ma’nara  Golden Whisper
66Na’nara  Silent Whisper
67Or’jara  Moonlit Flame
68Pa’nara  Wild Whisper
69Qa’jara  Sunset Star
70Ra’nara  Fiery Star
71Sa’nara  Graceful Whisper
72Ta’jara  Moon’s Whisper
73Ur’jara  Storm’s Star
74Va’nara  Gentle Whisper
75Wa’jara  Silver Flame
76Xa’jara  Golden Whisper
77Ya’nara  Quiet Whisper
78Za’jara  Bright Star
79Ahniri  Little Flame
80Ba’niri  Night’s Flame
81Ca’niri  Moonlit Flame
82Da’niri  Mystic Star
83El’niri  Sunlit Flame
84Fa’niri  Swift Star
85Ga’niri  Golden Star
86Ha’niri  Bright Flame
87In’niri  Moon’s Star
88Ja’niri  Fiery Star
89Ka’niri  Sunlit Star
90Lha’niri  Dawn’s Star
91Ma’niri  Golden Flame
92Na’niri  Silent Star
93Or’niri  Moonlit Star
94Pa’niri  Wild Flame
95Qa’niri  Sunset Flame
96Ra’niri  Fiery Flame
97Sa’niri  Graceful Star
98Ta’niri  Moon’s Flame
99Ur’niri  Storm’s Star
100Va’niri  Gentle Star

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