200 Mage Khajiit Names (with Meanings)

By Daniel Cook

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Mage Khajiit Names

Are you looking for the perfect name for your magical Khajiit mage?

You’re in the right place!

I’ve put together a list of “200 Mage Khajiit Names (With Meanings)” to help you find a name that captures the magic and mystery of your character. Whether you’re playing Elder Scrolls or writing your own story, this list is just what you need.

Each name is picked to show the unique magic and power of the Khajiit. From ancient wizards to powerful sorcerers, these names come with meanings that add depth to your character.

Ready to find a name that will truly stand out?

Mage Male Khajiit Names With Their Meanings

1J’Zar The Wise One 
2Ra’Keth Bringer of Magic 
3Daro’Vas Mystic Light 
4S’irr Keeper of Secrets 
5M’aiq Seeker of Knowledge 
6R’ajirr Arcane Whisper 
7Zha’ri Guardian of the Astral Realm 
8Kha’jin Master of Illusions 
9Va’har Channeler of the Elements 
10Qa’zem Bearer of Enchantment 
11D’aros Dreamweaver 
12Xa’kar Sorcerer Supreme 
13Y’zirr Seer of Fates 
14N’aros Moonlit Magician 
15I’zhan Arcane Scholar 
16L’arok Celestial Conjuror 
17V’arun Arcanum Adept 
18E’zirr Spellbinder 
19Z’arash Arcane Protector 
20B’ahir Elemental Sage 
21F’arros Starborn Sorcerer 
22C’ahni Weaver of Mysteries 
23R’athir Guardian of the Arcane 
24S’aren Mage of Shadows 
25T’arok Keeper of the Rift 
26W’ahar Mage of the Moons 
27X’arion Archmage of Time 
28Z’aric Bearer of the Ancient Arts 
29Q’ahnar Wielder of the Mystic Blade 
30A’zir Arcane Alchemist 
31H’aros Master of the Arcane Eye 
32D’arren Arcane Trickster 
33J’ahir Guardian of the Arcane Way 
34K’arok Champion of the Astral Realms 
35M’aric Mage of the Mists 
36N’ahri Sorcerer of the Sands 
37P’arun Arcane Artificer 
38Q’arash Arcane Elementalist 
39R’ahni Protector of the Arcane Flame 
40S’aros Keeper of the Arcane Tome 
41T’ahar Sage of the Starlight 
42U’zirr Mystic Wanderer 
43V’ahni Guardian of the Arcane Grove 
44W’arrok Mage of the Whispering Woods 
45X’ahirr Master of the Arcane Mind 
46Y’aric Sorcerer of the Sapphire Sky 
47Z’ahri Keeper of the Arcane Balance 
48A’arok Arcane Artisan 
49B’ahni Sorcerer of the Shifting Sands 
50C’aros Guardian of the Celestial Gates 
51D’arik Sage of the Sacred Flame 
52E’zahni Arcane Enchanter 
53F’arrok Keeper of the Arcane Echoes 
54G’ahirr Sorcerer of the Silver Moon 
55H’aric Mystic of the Hidden Valley 
56I’zahri Warden of the Arcane Veil 
57J’arun Sage of the Serene Seas 
58K’ahni Guardian of the Arcane Nexus 
59L’aros Mage of the Midnight Sun 
60M’ahirr Arcane Oracle 
61N’ahri Sorcerer of the Night Sky 
62O’zir Guardian of the Arcane Gateway 
63P’ahni Sage of the Sacred Scrolls 
64Q’ahri Keeper of the Arcane Path 
65R’ahni Mystic of the Mountain Peaks 
66S’arok Sorcerer of the Silver Storm 
67T’ahir Guardian of the Arcane Legacy 
68U’zahni Sage of the Silent Sands 
69V’ahirr Keeper of the Arcane Secrets 
70W’ahri Sorcerer of the Whispering Winds 
71X’ahni Guardian of the Arcane Horizon 
72Y’ahir Sage of the Shattered Realms 
73Z’ahni Keeper of the Arcane Flame 
74A’arok Sorcerer of the Ancient Skies 
75B’ahirr Guardian of the Arcane Nexus 
76C’ahri Sage of the Crimson Moon 
77D’ahir Keeper of the Arcane Order 
78E’ahni Sorcerer of the Eternal Night 
79F’arok Guardian of the Arcane Isles 
80G’ahri Sage of the Silent Stars 
81H’ahirr Keeper of the Arcane Lore 
82I’ahni Sorcerer of the Infinite Void 
83J’arok Guardian of the Arcane Dreams 
84K’ahri Sage of the Celestial Sands 
85L’ahir Keeper of the Arcane Wisdom 
86M’ahni Sorcerer of the Mystic Forest 
87N’arok Guardian of the Arcane Destiny 
88O’ahri Sage of the Silver Streams 
89P’ahir Keeper of the Arcane Balance 
90Q’ahni Sorcerer of the Sacred Serenity 
91R’arok Guardian of the Arcane Realms 
92S’ahri Sage of the Shimmering Skies 
93T’ahirr Keeper of the Arcane Essence 
94U’ahni Sorcerer of the Sacred Springs 
95V’arok Guardian of the Arcane Legacy 
96W’ahri Sage of the Sapphire Shores 
97X’ahir Keeper of the Arcane Harmony 
98Y’ahni Sorcerer of the Starlit Seas 
99Z’arok Guardian of the Arcane Echoes 
100A’ahriSage of the Silent Storms

Mage Female Khajiit Names With Their Meanings

1J’zara      Moon’s Shadow 
2S’ashiira      Whispering Winds 
3Ma’rintha     Starlight Weaver 
4Ri’saara     Serpent’s Grace 
5Kha’leen     Eternal Flame 
6Za’jani       Dream Walker 
7Ni’asha      Silent Storm 
8Qa’leesi     Queen of Magic 
9La’fira      Dancing Ember 
10Va’shara Mystic Song 
11Fa’zari      Spirit of the Wild 
12Dra’nara       Night’s Vision 
13Sha’vira      Twilight Weaver 
14Ra’kasha     Feline Enigma 
15Ji’sari      Arcane Whispers 
16A’lisha       Moonlit Mirage 
17Te’jani      Sorceress of Shadows 
18Ki’zara      Starry Skies 
19Lo’kari      Ethereal Flame 
20Ma’shira Mystic Blossom 
21Nira’jhan    Whispering Veil 
22Sa’leesha     Serpent’s Charm 
23Ta’kara       Celestial Weaver 
24Zha’leesi    Eternal Queen 
25Da’kisha     Flame Dancer 
26Mi’kara       Dreamweaver 
27Ri’zara      Silent Storm 
28Sha’viri     Mystic Moon 
29Va’leena     Enchanted Melody 
30Ja’nashi Shadowcaster 
31Ki’rintha    Starlit Mirage 
32La’shari      Twilight Whisper 
33Na’jani       Whispering Echo 
34Ora’lika     Dreaming Ember 
35Pa’kisha     Sorceress of Fire 
36Qua’jara      Celestial Songstress 
37Ri’zani      Moonlit Enigma 
38Sa’lasha     Serpent’s Spell 
39Ti’kara      Weaver of Dreams 
40Ura’leesi Queen of Shadows 
41Va’jira      Flame Whisperer 
42Wi’kara       Mystical Wind 
43Xa’shira     Ethereal Dance 
44Yi’kari      Moonlit Illusion 
45Za’kisha     Sorceress of Stars 
46A’lasha       Whispering Flame 
47Be’kara      Dreamsinger 
48Chi’kari     Shadow’s Mirage 
49Da’jani      Mystic Flame 
50Ei’lisha Sorceress of Dreams 
51Fa’kisha     Whispering Ember 
52Ga’zari       Moonlit Weaver 
53Ha’leesi      Queen of Night 
54Ia’jara      Shadow Dancer 
55Ja’kara      Flame Weaver 
56Ka’leena      Dreamwalker 
57Li’shari     Sorceress of Twilight 
58Ma’lasha     Mystical Moon 
59Na’kari      Moonlit Serenity 
60Oo’kara Mystical Flame 
61Pa’shira     Ethereal Serenade 
62Qua’jira      Weaver of Shadows 
63Ra’kari       Twilight Enchantment 
64Sa’leesi     Celestial Sorceress 
65Ti’nara      Moonlit Whisper 
66Ua’shira     Dreamweaver 
67Va’kisha     Sorceress of Silence 
68Wi’zara      Whispering Wind 
69Xa’kari      Moonlit Illusionist 
70Yi’shara Starry Dreamer 
71Za’leesi     Queen of Dreams 
72Aa’kisha      Shadow Sorceress 
73Ba’nara       Mystic Moonlight 
74Chi’shiri    Serpent’s Shadow 
75Da’shara     Weaver of Dreams 
76Ee’kari       Twilight Illusion 
77Fa’jira      Moonlit Enchantress 
78Ga’leena     Celestial Dreamer 
79Ha’shari     Sorceress of the Night 
80Ii’kara Whispering Flame 
81Ja’nasha     Dreamweaver 
82Ka’zara       Sorceress of Stars 
83Li’leesi      Eternal Sorceress 
84Ma’nara      Mystic Moonbeam 
85Na’shiri     Shadow Weaver 
86Oo’jara       Dream Sorceress 
87Pa’kari      Sorceress of Serenity 
88Qua’shara    Moonlit Illusionist 
89Ra’leena     Twilight Dreamer 
90Sa’nara Serpent’s Song 
91Ti’shiri    Celestial Weaver 
92Uu’kari       Mystic Mirage 
93Va’shara     Sorceress of Shadows 
94Wi’nara      Whispering Moonlight 
95Xa’kisha     Dreamweaver 
96Yi’shari      Sorceress of Dreams 
97Za’nara      Moonlit Serenade 
98Aa’leesi     Twilight Queen 
99Ba’shiri     Whispering Enchantment
100Chi’kara Moon’s Shadow 

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