300 Skyrim Khajiit Names (with Meanings)

By Daniel Cook

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Looking for the perfect name for your Khajiit character? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve put together a list of 200 Skyrim Khajiit names, each with its own unique meaning.

Whether you’re exploring the cold lands of Skyrim or taking on epic quests, having the right name for your Khajiit is important.

So, let’s dive into these amazing names together! Don’t forget to share your favorites and help other players find the perfect name, too. Ready to find the best name for your Khajiit? Let’s get started!

Skyrim Khajiit Names With Their Meanings

1J’zargoSwift and Agile
2KharjoNoble Warrior
3M’aiqClever and Witty
4Dro’marashKeeper of Secrets
5Ra’zirrSilent Hunter
6Ma’randru-joGuide and Protector
7Daro’VasoraDancer under Moonlight
8S’virrShadow Whisperer
9Ri’saadTrader of Dreams
10Jo’daroNight’s Guardian
11AhjziziGraceful and Elegant
12Zan’hirrWeaver of Fate
13K’narjoSwift Claw
14DradasiKeeper of the Hearth
15Dro’kasirWanderer of the Sands
16Ma’dranVoice of Reason
17J’banjiMysterious and Enigmatic
18ShazahStarlight Seeker
19KhirjoMoonlit Stalker
20Raj’darWhispering Wind
21AhzirrSilent Paw
22Zara’kirSongbird of the Dunes
23Qa’doKeeper of the Balance
24J’darziSwift Footed
25VashaProtector of the Weak
26KhimaarKeeper of Traditions
27Ra’sharrTraveler of the Realms
28Ma’randurGuardian of the Night
29N’darjoWatcher in the Shadows
30Sha’qiraSerene and Tranquil
31Zar’riKeeper of the Stars
32S’jirraDreamer of Dreams
33Ja’darjiWanderer of Worlds
34KhashSeeker of Truth
35Ri’sharrKeeper of Secrets
36Jo’zirrHunter of the Night
37N’ziraKeeper of the Flames
38Dar’zirrGuardian of the Forgotten
39VashiWanderer of the Plains
40J’darshaDreamer of the Infinite
41AhnaraWhisperer in the Wind
42ZirashiKeeper of the Moon
43Ma’dashaSeeker of Knowledge
44Dar’khanProtector of the Lost
45KhazirWeaver of Illusions
46J’hashirGuardian of the Sacred
47S’jiraWhisperer in the Dark
48Ra’saadKeeper of Time
49KhariSeeker of Wisdom
50Dar’jariKeeper of the Forests
51Zan’harriGuardian of Dreams
52Ma’jashaWanderer of the Stars
53J’khashSeeker of Enlightenment
54N’zirraKeeper of Balance
55Sha’darjiWhisperer in Shadows
56Ri’saadraProtector of the Weak
57Kha’jirraKeeper of the Night
58Zar’sharrSeeker of Destiny
59AhnariGuardian of the Ancients
60Jo’qiraWeaver of Fate
61Ri’dashaKeeper of Stories
62S’khajiitProtector of the Innocent
63Ma’jirraSeeker of the Unknown
64Dar’sharrGuardian of the Realm
65KhaziraWhisperer in Dreams
66J’ziraKeeper of the Light
67Zan’arjiGuardian of Hope
68Ra’sharriProtector of the Faithful
69KhirashiKeeper of Serenity
70Dar’maSeeker of Redemption
71VasharWhisperer in the Void
72Jo’khashGuardian of the Lost
73Ma’qiraKeeper of Harmony
74J’darshaProtector of the Weak
75N’ziraSeeker of the Eternal
76Sha’jirraWhisperer in the Twilight
77Ri’sharrGuardian of the Silent
78Kha’jashaKeeper of the Stars
79Zar’darjiSeeker of Truth
80Ah’zirrWhisperer in the Shadows
81J’kiraGuardian of the Dawn
82Zan’darshaKeeper of the Winds
83Ma’sharriSeeker of Knowledge
84Dar’jirraWhisperer in the Night
85KhirraGuardian of the Ancients
86Jo’qiriKeeper of the Flame
87Ra’ziraSeeker of Wisdom
88S’khashWhisperer in the Desert
89Ri’jashaGuardian of the Wild
90Kha’zarKeeper of Secrets
91Dar’jirSeeker of the Infinite
92Ma’khashWhisperer in the Mist
93J’zharGuardian of the Forgotten
94Zan’dashaKeeper of the Future
95Ah’kirraSeeker of Destiny
96KhirrashWhisperer in the Echoes
97Jo’darGuardian of the Light
98Ri’sharKeeper of Dreams
99S’khaSeeker of Serenity
100Zar’jirraWhisperer in the Void
101J’zargo Clever  
102M’ziri Swift  
103Ra’zirr Warrior  
104S’kasha Shadow  
105Daro’jo Hunter  
106K’rajo Silent  
107Ma’kara Fearless  
108Z’harri Wise  
109Ri’saad Trader  
110J’datharr Mystic  
111Ka’jiit Cat  
112V’khajja Claw  
113Ahnara Graceful  
114Tharashi Strong  
115Ra’virr Guardian  
116J’zaharr Loyal  
117S’jirra Mysterious  
118Daro’dar Stealthy  
119M’jassar Noble  
120Z’harashi Knowledgeable  
121Ri’shara Swift Wind  
122Ma’darjo Shadow Walker  
123K’jarno Warrior’s Heart  
124S’adarr Night Hunter  
125Ra’zashi Fearless One  
126J’kasha Moonlight  
127V’kharri Wise Counsel  
128Ahnari Quick Paw  
129Thar’jo Brave Spirit  
130Ka’rinna Trader’s Fortune  
131Ri’shaar Mystic Song  
132M’jassi Starlight  
133Z’khajjo Claw of the Jungle  
134Daro’virr Swift Guardian  
135S’jarro Noble Heart  
136Ma’kasha Silent Step  
137J’jassar Keeper of Secrets  
138K’ziri Warrior’s Path  
139Ra’darjo Hunter’s Instinct  
140V’khasha Wise Guide  
141Ahnarr Graceful Dancer  
142Thar’zirr Strong Defender  
143Ka’jara Trader’s Blessing  
144Ri’skasha Mystic Whisper  
145M’harri Swift Claw  
146Z’jassar Knowledge Seeker  
147Daro’kajiit Shadow of the Cat  
148S’karinna Night Trader  
149Ma’darrah Brave Shadow  
150J’khajjo Moonlit Claw  
151K’zashi Warrior’s Honor  
152Ra’nara Guardian of the Desert  
153V’jirra Wise Elder  
154Ahnashi Graceful Wind  
155Thar’virr Strong Protector  
156Ka’jassar Trader of Tales  
157Ri’darro Mystic Dreamer  
158M’kasha Swift Shadow  
159Z’jara Knowledge Keeper  
160Daro’khajjo Shadow Warrior  
161S’jassi Night Whisperer  
162Ma’karinna Silent Trader  
163J’darrah Keeper of Secrets  
164K’jirra Warrior’s Courage  
165Ra’ziri Guardian Spirit  
166V’kasha Wise Scholar  
167Ahnirr Graceful Huntress  
168Thar’jassar Strong Mind  
169Ka’virr Trader of Goods  
170Ri’karinna Mystic Traveler  
171M’jira Swift Wind  
172Z’kashi Knowledgeful One  
173Daro’nara Shadow of the Night  
174S’kajjo Night Stalker  
175Ma’jirra Silent Observer  
176J’khajiit Keeper of Shadows  
177K’harri Warrior’s Pride  
178Ra’nashi Guardian of Wisdom  
179V’zirr Wise Seer  
180Ahnajo Graceful One  
181Thar’kasha Strong Claw  
182Ka’jira Trader’s Eye  
183Ri’virr Mystic Wanderer  
184M’kajjo Swift Hunter  
185Z’harra Knowledge Guardian  
186Daro’jassar Shadow Sage  
187S’kasha Night Blade  
188Ma’jiri Silent Watcher  
189J’kajjo Keeper of Lore  
190K’zirr Warrior’s Fury  
191Ra’harri Guardian of the Lost  
192V’kajiit Wise Cat  
193Ahnassa Graceful Prowler  
194Thar’kajjo Strong Warrior  
195Ka’nara Trader of Dreams  
196Ri’jassar Mystic Visionary  
197M’zirr Swift Runner  
198Z’kasha Knowledge Seeker  
199J’zargo Shadow Walker  
200M’ziri Night Guardian
201J’zargo Clever 
202M’aiq Fast 
203Ra’zirr Silent 
204Daro’Vasora Hunter of Night 
205S’Kara Graceful 
206Ri’saad Trader 
207Shavari Mystic 
208Ja’zha Swift 
209Qa’do Shadow 
210Dro’zira Moonlit 
211Kharjo Wanderer 
212Azha Mysterious 
213R’asha Sharp-Eyed 
214Ma’randru-Jo Stealthy Knife 
215S’jirra Whisper 
216Baadargo Quick Paw 
217Nira Fierce 
218D’zirr Moonlit 
219M’raaj-Dar Moonlight 
220J’darr Sly 
221Khali Cunning 
222Dro’zhira Moonlit 
223Lashana Night Stalker 
224Ri’saad Silent Paw 
225J’saad Silent Hunter 
226Ma’dara Night’s Edge 
227S’kara Moonlit 
228Ja’red Fleet-Footed 
229Ra’zhirr Shadow Dancer 
230Daro’vaka Night Whisperer 
231Ja’ziira Swift Wind 
232N’zir Shadowy 
233Ri’shari Silent Strike 
234J’kara Quiet Claw 
235S’kira Shadowed 
236M’zara Moonlit Path 
237Kha’ri Silent Prowler 
238J’saad Quick Blade 
239Daro’ki Night Blade 
240Ri’sar Shadow Step 
241Ma’zirra Moonlit Gaze 
242Kharzir Wily 
243J’karr Shadow Walker 
244S’jari Moonlit Stalker 
245Ra’shar Silent Fury 
246Ma’kari Night’s Veil 
247Ja’dar Stealthy 
248Daro’zir Moonlit Dagger 
249J’kara Silent Stride 
250Ri’zha Night’s Whisper 
251S’kara Shadow Blade 
252Kha’zir Nightshade 
253Ma’jara Moonlit Hunter 
254Ja’dara Swift Shadow 
255S’zara Silent Fang 
256Ri’saad Moonlit Assassin 
257J’zirr Shadowed Claw 
258M’kara Silent Night 
259Kha’zara Moonlit Fury 
260Ja’zhar Stealthy Stalker 
261Daro’ki Silent Blade 
262J’sari Shadowed Hunter 
263Ri’saad Silent Stalker 
264S’zirra Shadowed Fury 
265Ma’jarr Silent Fang 
266Ja’kiri Moonlit Assassin 
267S’kar Shadowed Claw 
268Ri’shar Silent Fury 
269J’kira Night’s Whisper 
270Daro’zirr Moonlit Blade 
271Kha’jara Shadowed Hunter 
272Ma’kiri Silent Assassin 
273Ja’dara Shadow Claw 
274S’zhar Night’s Fury 
275Ri’saad Moonlit Whisper 
276J’zirra Stealthy Stalker 
277M’kara Shadowed Fury 
278Kha’zara Silent Fang 
279Ja’kara Moonlit Assassin 
280Daro’ki Shadowed Claw 
281J’sari Silent Fury 
282Ri’saad Night’s Whisper 
283S’zirra Moonlit Blade 
284Ma’jarr Shadowed Hunter 
285Ja’kiri Silent Assassin 
286Daro’zirr Shadow Claw 
287J’kira Night’s Fury 
288Kha’jara Moonlit Whisper 
289Ma’kiri Stealthy Stalker 
290Ja’dara Clever 
291S’zhar Fast 
292Ri’saad Silent 
293J’zirra Hunter of Night 
294M’kara Graceful 
295Kha’zara Trader 
296Ja’kara Mystic 
297Daro’ki Swift 
298J’sari Shadow 
299Ri’saad Moonlit 
300S’zirra Wanderer 

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